Christmas Festival Decoration USB Power Led String Lihgts

USB Power Led String Lihgts

USB Power Led String Lights perfect for different occasions such as wedding, hotel, business building, festival ornament,  home decoration, shop window, club, concert, singing hall, fashion show, dancing hall,stage and so on.

 LED light string copper wire and copper are particularly good elasticity, LED lamps as a carrier may be in various shapes bent low,the LED lamp power, high efficiency, long life, cold light, easy to heat,LED light emitting copper wire, a variety of colors, easily meet different occasions,copper light without welding points, not easily broken, low maintenance costs,the lights silver wire diameter is small, approximately: 0.38MM, small size, light weight.
The Lights made with a fine bendable wire,It can conform to any shape you want to add a beautiful decoration. Apt for both indoor and outdoor settings, which are the best choice for kids bedrooms. Comes with ten modes offer you a good way to enhance your garden trees.
Description about USB power led string lights:
1.Light color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/multi-color /warm white/White
2.Material: copper string and plastic
3.string length:10meter
4.Total LED bulbs:100PCS
5.Power Adapter: 5V

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  USB Power Led String Lihgts

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